Prevent & Reverse Early Cognitive Decline

Sastun Center’s comprehensive Cognitive program includes: a thorough Medical History, extensive Functional and Neurological Assessments, Laboratory tests (much of which may be covered by insurance/Medicare), plus Evaluations for related conditions such as: possible Sleep Apnea, Gastrointestinal dysfunction, and Exposure risks (Lyme, Mycotoxins and Heavy Metals). In addition to on-going evaluations with Dr. Murray, her Health Coach and Nutritional Consultant provide personalized support throughout the first 12 months at no additional charge.

** Program Participants (and Caregivers) also benefit from FREE unlimited access to Sastun Center Lifestyle Classes. Take control of your own healing process!

Join us for a FREE 90-minute overview of Dr. Bredesen’s protocol.

Visit Sastun Center’s calendar for upcoming dates or call 913-345-0060!


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