Men’s Health

Comprehensive Men’s Health Evaluation

The Sastun Center now offers a wonderful program for men.*

This patient package is designed for men of any age, but especially those from 40‐70 experiencing hormonal imbalance. This set of visits and evaluations will address hormone balance: testicular, adrenal and thyroid as well as evaluating diet, activity level,  cellular health, mood and stressors.

This program involves a complete physical and metabolic assessment and 4 visits with Sastun practitioners over 6‐8 weeks.

Visit 1 with Barbara Bridges, EdD, ARNP Nurse Practitioner. She will perform the initial physical examination and request records from other providers. Lab draw will be done at this visit.

Visit 2 with Deena Beneda, ND – Naturopathic Doctor will occur approximately 2 weeks following visit 1. This visit will last for one hour to review lifestyle & nutrition issues, any lab results that are available, and discuss goals for care, start medicinal plants, supplements, and lifestyle changes as indicated.

Visit 3 with Jane Murray, MD – Medical Director.  A half hour will be scheduled approximately 2 weeks after Dr.
Beneda’s visit. At this visit all labs and studies will be reviewed. Forms and assessments will be discussed and
hormone options will be started, if indicated.

Visit 4 with Dr. Beneda – 2‐3 weeks after visit 3 for one half hour to review progress toward goals, answer questions and provide additional recommendations.

Package price paid at first visit: $1,500 includes:

  • 4 provider visits as described above.
  • LAB: complete hormone assessment: estrogens, PSA, Dihydrotestosterone, testosterone, DHEA (done via blood or saliva depending upon individual factors); thyroid evaluation: TSH, Free T3, Free T4, ReverseT3; Vitamin D, Cholesterol/lipid panel, Complete Metabolic Panel, Complete Blood Count; adrenal assessment via diurnal saliva cortisol.

Additional laboratory testing, recommended supplements or follow‐up visits are NOT included in the $1,500 package.

Paperwork will be given for insurance reimbursement to patient, if applicable.
*For New Patients Only

If you are interested in this program, please print and complete the Comprehensive Men’s Health Evaluation Initial Consent Form, email/fax it to (913) 345-0090 and you will be contacted to schedule your initial appointment.

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