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Chinese Medicine is a complete system of healthcare capable of treating a wide variety of medical conditions.  There are four general categories of Chinese Medicine and they are as follows: Acupuncture, Chinese medicinal herbs, Chinese massage and Medical Qi Gong (the use of breathing, relaxation and meditation to benefit health.)

Approximately 3500 years old, this ancient medicine has helped millions of people attain better health, longevity and vitality.  Chinese Medicine continues to evolve and develop in response to changing environmental and health issues and is now one of the fastest growing disciplines in healthcare in the Western world.

There are two fundamental systems within Chinese Medicine which define and delineate how a practitioner approaches treatment.  Those systems are: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and classical Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated in 1949 C.E. under Mao Tse Tung.  At that time five universities were established which taught TCM.  This system shows the influence of Western Medicine, as well as the communist society from which it arose.  Most Chinese Medicine schools in theUnited Statesand abroad teach TCM.  This system of treatment can be very useful and focuses primarily on symptoms and usually results in short-term gains.

Classical Chinese Medicine originated/developed in its current form around 1600 C.E. The focus of classical Chinese medicine is on longevity, vitality, virility and fertility and living in harmony with nature.  Additionally, this is a more functional style of treatment designed to help the body heal itself more readily.

Although thoroughly trained in both TCM and classical Chinese Medicine, Cindy Chamberlain most often practices classical Chinese Medicine.



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