Jane Murray, MD


Dr. Jane MurrayWith more than 20 years’ experience as a Doctor, medical Educator & mentor, Author, and respected national-speaker, Jane Murray is dedicated to transforming health care from the inside-out.


Advances in Western medicine increasingly acknowledge: addressing “root causes” and integrating methods of care are essential for well-being.

  • Are you living with complex health challenges? Want to live your best possible life? Understanding your options is vital for hope and healing. Jane Murray M.D. offers extensive experience, a trusted referral-network, and valuable resources. Call today to schedule a one-time Consult.


In addition to offering specialty Consults, Dr. Murray developed 2 immersive wellness Programs :

A Comprehensive, Personalized, Therapeutic Program to Prevent & Reverse Early Cognitive Decline –  Participants (and Caregivers) learn how modifying lifestyle can reduce the risks for, and reverse early signs of, early cognitive decline / dementia. Presenting evidence-based interventions from Dr. Bredesen and other experts in the field of neuro-degenerative disorders.

Less Pain, Less Suffering: Managing Your Pain Naturally – This six week program is designed for anyone experiencing the effects of: chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation, autoimmune disease, neurologic conditions or other chronic health challenges! Enrollment includes Free unlimited access to Sastun Lifestyle Classes.


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Dr. Murray earned her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles, completed her residency at Santa Monica Hospital, served as Director of Education for the American Academy of Family Physicians from 1986-1991, and as University of Kansas Medical Center’s Chair of the Department of Family Medicine from 1991-1998 when she left to co-found Sastun Center of Integrative Health Care.

Having earned Certification from the American Board of Integrative & Holistic Medicine, Dr. Murray became one of the first Practitioners in our region to achieve Certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine 



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