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What does “Sastun” mean?

“Sastun” is the Mayan word for the healing amulet or object that traditional healers believed gave them healing power. It can be a rock, a crystal or any found object. The word Sastun derives from the Mayan words “Sas” meaning “light” and “tun” meaning “stone” or “age”. Sastun then literally means “light of the ages,” reflecting the longstanding traditional wisdom involved in healing.

Who should I see at Sastun?

Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine are each considered “whole systems” of care. This means they share a whole-person philosophy about health & are knowledgeable practitioners of current techniques, procedures, medicines/herbs to help manage a very wide variety of health problems. Each of the Sastun Center practitioners work together and collaborate with you as needed.

Chinese Medicine will offer traditional types of diagnostic assessment

Naturopathic Medicine offers diagnostic testing and history

Western Medicine is familiar to most people and involves diagnosis through taking a thorough history, performing a physical exam and often ordering bloodwork, xrays, etc.

Who should I see for a specific health problems?

For specific problems you are experiencing and non-drug options for common health problems, many of our practitioners can be beneficial.

For those with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other emotional symptoms, our psychologist or psychiatrist may be the place to start.

Often, our practitioners will suggest collaboration with our Chinese Medicine practitioner, Naturopath, lifestyle coach or Functional Medicine staff to help with non-drug therapies.

Will my care at Sastun Center be covered by insurance?

The medical practitioners at Sastun Center are out-of-network for all insurance companies. If you have an out of network benefit, we give you all the appropriate paperwork to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not submit any insurance claims for you, but will assist you in explaining this process to maximize your reimbursement.

Dr. Mikinski & Dr. Hale do submit insurance claims for you.  However, you are responsible for payment at the time of service.

(Dr. Hale’s billing service does submit insurance claims for his patients.)

Currently, none of the practitioners are accepting Medicare payment. We certainly see Medicare patients, but Medicare does not pay for our services.

For people who have a medical or health savings account (MSA or HSA), your deductible can often be used to pay for acupuncture, massage, supplements, herbs, etc. Most insurance companies do not currently cover services by non MD providers of Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, massage, etc.

We recommend that you check your personal insurance policy and MSA/HSA plans to determine what may be covered by your insurance company.

What supplements should I take?

The supplements a person takes can vary based on many factors. No set of supplements may be appropriate for every person. Supplements recommended may vary based on a patient’s needs and wants, the patient’s health conditions and other medications or supplements that one may be using.

Dietary supplements contain a “Supplement Facts” panel that gives information about that particular supplement. For example, fish oil supplements list how much EPA and DHA is contain in a serving in their supplement facts. The number of tablets, capsules, or drops that define a “serving” is also listed in the supplement facts panel on the bottle of the supplement. Herbal products list what plants are contained in the supplement, either by their common name (i.e., Echinachea) or by their botanical name (i.e., Echinachea angustifolia). Multivitamins and minerals list the amounts and percent of recommended daily value of each vitamin and mineral in the supplement. The Supplement Facts on the bottle has a lot of useful information!

Because of the individuality that is taken into account with supplement (and medication) regimens, discussing dietary supplements with your healthcare provider is recommended. A practitioner who sees you and is familiar with your history, disease states and current medication/supplement regimen will best make a specific recommendation for supplements that fit your needs.

Many practitioners at Sastun are familiar with and recommend various supplements to patients.


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