Be the Change … Nicole Barnhart


Discover the potential within! The following is an excerpt from our “Be the Change” interview with Olympic Gold Medalist : Nicole Barnhart


  • “Fill your confidence tank with things only you can control. You don’t control [other’s] praise. Outcomes. Wins. You determine your preparation”. As an accomplished Artist and Athlete, offer an example of how this quote from The Keeper Institute applies to all facets of life.

“Many times, things are not going to go the way you want them to. It is how you learn to react to these situations that really make the difference. If you go into every situation knowing that you did your best, and prepared to the best of your ability, and if you walk away from any situation knowing that you gave your absolute best in that moment, then there is nothing to be ashamed of. There will be times when your best may not quite be good enough in other’s standards; Control the controllable. Give your best effort and learn to be happy with it. Sometimes, the process itself is so much greater than the outcome. These challenging times /moments are what really develop our character if we give them the chance. Don’t run away from the potholes /bumps in the road, embrace them, because the little moments in life are what we will look back on (regardless of how painful they were) and realize that they shaped us for the better.”


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