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Dedicated to creating a continuum of balance & balance, the following is an excerpt from our “Be the Change” interview with Jill Krutzkamp!


  • As a Company Dancer with KC Ballet, Author of, and Wellness Director at Performance Rehab, how has your dedication to Integrative Health sustained you? What recipe for wellness would you suggest?

“I believe when mind and body are in tune with one another the person can be at peak performance.  When one element gets off, it takes attention and patience to re-balance and find a pleasant and peaceful homeostasis. I am also a firm believer that everyone is not perfect and imbalance will indefinitely occur. To accept this idea is an important tool to learn and I struggle at times with imperfection.

When I feel imbalanced my recipe for wellness is to Eat Well (i.e. – eat before drinking coffee in the AM), Rest as much as possible (take it easy on the weekends), Do things that I enjoy (play with my beautiful baby girl), Move (exercise) and Smile! Recipe = a big rice bowl with all different colors of vegetables, protein and grains. In life terms: a bowl full of adventures, good vibes and constant learning.”


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