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The following is an excerpt from our “Be the Change” interview featuring Turning Point: The Center for Hope & Healing.


  • A founding principle of Functional Medicine is enriching life-quality…Offer an example(s) of how Turning Point programs and events serve to empower our community.


“Turning Point’s mission is to provide a gathering place for individuals who are living with a serious or chronic physical illness; Many of our life-enriching programs are based around the 10 facets of resilience, including: Gratitude and Self-compassion.
Developing a gratitude-practice can help keep life in perspective; and self-compassion teaches people to learn to include themselves in their circle of care. Research has shown that people manage stress better by practicing at least one of the facets of resilience.
Our programs are also available to family members, friends and supporters of the person living with chronic illness. The more a supporter cares for themselves, the more they can be the type of caregiver they’d like to be for their loved one. We have a married couple that come to Turning Point together every Wednesday, but he goes to a cancer support group and she attends the meditation program. They each get their unique needs met with different programs here.”


To read our full May 2017 interview, please visit Sastun Center Facebook


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