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Alvin Ailey Dance has been designated by Congress as “a vital American cultural ambassador to the world”; Here is an excerpt from our “Be the Change” interview with Tyrone Aiken (Chief Artistic Officer at KCFAA).


  • A founding principle of Functional Medicine is enriching life-quality. What recipe(s) for wellness would you suggest?

“My recipe for wellness is multi-pronged:  Take a moment to find peace. Take a moment to remember what makes you happy; For, regardless of your circumstances, we all have something that makes us happy, and if you’re not able to see it then find someone who can help you find it. What feeds you? How do you conduct your day? How do you visualize your goals? What will help you? For example: I was introduced to integrative medicine in the ‘80s and know firsthand how acupuncture can resolve the effects of degenerative arthritis. My work, my purpose, is dance. Learning how to achieve that is an on-going process of dedication and discovery. I challenge everyone to discover their purpose through self-work, in whatever way makes sense to them. When you can do that reflective work, then your whole being (your quality of life) is enriched.”


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